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Meet My Team

Sofia Pinter wedding planner

Sofia Pinter

The Wedding Planner

Professional wedding coordinator with great experience, enthusiasm and dedication to create "the perfect day": your wedding in Santorini, Malta, Cyprus or Hungary. We take care of every beautiful detail of your wedding including travel arrangements for the couple and the wedding party so you have nothing to worry about. We only work with professional and reputable local companies who deliver their promises and the best work possible.

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Bos Michaela ceremony master

Bos Michaela

The Ceremony Master

Imagine you have found the perfect location for your wedding day with the most amazing photographer and a great wedding planner, who will help make your dreams come true. All you need now is someone who will guide you through the events of your Big Day, who will take care of your guests and yourself, who can even bridge cultural and language barriers between families, and makes sure everything goes like clockwork. That would be me. It's my job to ensure you have the happiest day of your lives, and enjoy every minute of it, so that the only big task you have to perform is to say 'I do'.

Gergely Vas photographer

Gergely Vas

The Photographer

My name is Gergely Vas, presently I live and working in Malta as phtotographer.​ I love traveling, you may find me on Malta, Cyprus, Santorini, Greece, Hungary and even in Spain as destination wedding photographer.

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